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Meet Whitney Bennett, NYC Bridal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

All brides have a vision of how they want to look and feel on their big day, and one of the most important things on that day is hair and makeup. The hair is a core part of a bride's look, and the makeup complements her beauty. I am dedicated to seeing your vision for your wedding and bringing that vision to life. 


Since growing up in California, I have always been interested in this trade, and at an early age, I discovered my passion for finding ways to enhance people's unique beauty.

When I grew up and was ready to launch my career in the beauty industry, I thought, "What place would be ideal for showcasing my talent? New York City!"


This relocation allowed me to start assisting some of the industry's most highly regarded professionals, and I spent years learning from the best of the best. This helped me develop my talent and explore my unique style. 

As a licensed hair and makeup artist and Kerastase artistic educator in New York City with over ten years of experience, I am committed to always being on the cutting edge with the latest techniques and trends. I don't settle for anything less than excellence regarding your hair and makeup. 

I can provide all your wedding hair essentials, from haircuts to extensions to hair coloring. I also offer a wide range of keratin treatments and other hair treatments to ensure your hair is in its prime condition for your wedding.


When I work with brides, I ensure that every look complements her vision. Your style can be bold, dramatic, natural, effortless, or something in between - I'll make it happen! I take a customized approach for every bride, putting my work ethic to good use and putting my heart into each look I create. My experience working with various skin tones and hair textures guarantees that nothing will be out of my range.


As my client, you'll always be my top priority.

Book a consultation now, and let's get to know each other.

My Mission

Being my special guest, you are promised the WOW Factor.

You and I will work together to enhance your natural beauty without losing the essence of what makes you and your look unique.

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